Opportunity Zone Magazine Volume 1, Issue 3 | Page 16

16 OPPORTUNITY ZONE MAGAZINE | VOLUME 1 • ISSUE 3 Duval & Stachenfeld Invited You to the Opportunity Zone Party Our Wizard of OZ, Jessica Millett, Drew You the Map Our Managing Partner & Real Estate Chair, Terri Adler, Helped You Navigate the Maze and Our Real Estate Philosopher, ® Bruce Stachenfeld, Grew Clients’ OZ Strategies See What’s Next For the Industry Leader in Opportunity Zones JESSICA MILLETT Tax Practice Chair and Wizard of OZ jmillett@dsllp.com (212) 692-5988 TERRI ADLER Managing Partner & Real Estate Practice Chair tadler@dsllp.com (212) 692-5533 BRUCE STACHENFELD Chairman and Real Estate Philosopher ® bstachenfeld@dsllp.com (212) 692-5550 Read our Opportunity Zone Road Maps and More About our Practice! 555 Madison Avenue • 6th Floor • New York, New York 10022 • dsllp.com Attorney Advertising OPPORTUNITYZONE.COM