Opportunity Zone Magazine Volume 1, Issue 3 | Page 60

60 OPPORTUNITY ZONE MAGAZINE | VOLUME 1 • ISSUE 3 HOW TO ACHIEVE SYMMETRY WITH OPPORTUNITY ZONE FUNDS AND PRIVATE EQUITY FUNDS By Dannielle Lewis and Josh Graham With a vast amount of capital available, PE funds are exploring OZs despite challenges with risks, fixed holding periods and deal structures. Many have been riding the Opportunity Zone roller coaster since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 unleashed a flood of new regulations and tax forms. A couple years later, most have figured out how to navigate those twists and turns to make most deals work. Many have been able to develop and collaborate on real estate deals including having the structure, organization and everything else needed to understand most single and multi-asset projects. The vast majority of qualified opportunity funds (QOFs) to date have focused on real estate investments. However, real estate is only a small piece of what the qualified opportunity zone (QOZ) legislation was supposed to accomplish. The bigger opportunity was supposed to lie OPPORTUNITYZONE.COM